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Success story: Payflexi

Payflexi is a startup stepping up e-commerce in Nigeria by giving businesses flexible payments infrastructure. This enables customers to buy now and pay later. They decided to reward their loyal customers with Merch and Wii were the best parters to do this with.

Wii were excited to work with them on this, as no one is a bigger believer in the power of branded merch when it comes to showing appreciation than us. And yes, their customers absolutely loved it!


Klasha is a fintech company that is building solutions to power borderless payments for e-commerce in Africa. They provide software that helps merchants worldwide sell online to Africa and receive payments in local currencies while enjoying superfast delivery to consumers across the continent. …


Rise is the easiest way to build a portfolio of dollar investments. They are helping people build wealth by giving them access to dollar denominated assets to invest in, and providing financial experts to help them manage it. Rise as a brand has evolved, and so they approached Wiicreate to help them produce merch that embodied their rebrand.

Success Story: Pandar

Pandar is a bitcoin wallet that enables anyone to send and receive money from anywhere in the world seamlessly. They sought to appreciate their team in style and we partnered with them to help bring the dream to reality.

Bumpa is building the easiest way to sell online. Bumpa enables entrepreneurs set up shop online in a matter of minutes. Wii were excited when the opportunity to create for Bumpa bumped into us ;)

Sucess Story: Shelf life

Shelflife is powering accessible healthcare in Nigeria by providing technology enabled inventory management services to community pharmacies. Shelflife wanted to do something very special for their customers, by gifting them the most beautiful and presentable packages and partnered with us to execute.

Success Story: Thepeer

Thepeer is creating the technology infrastructure that enables Fintech companies to easily integrate with each other. Thepeer’s API infrastructure enables fast, direct, and efficient cross-platform transactions — Their infrastructural solution fills a void in how transactions work across businesses and institutions. It was our pleasure working with the brilliant brains in this team to aid an effective launch.

Success Story: Strom

Strom is an investment and management firm that is unlocking Africa's economic potential by building infrastructure to give sustainable power to homes across Africa. Strom sought to brand merch for their premium members, and it was an opportunity we were excited about.

Success Story: Africhange

Africhange provides a solution to the issue of international remittances, by leveraging blockchain and cryptocurrency technology to easily and quickly send and convert money. To build the bond between them and their customers, they decided to send merch to their users- all over the world.

Success story: Tech Advance

Tech advance is a payment application development firm that builds infrastructure for emerging markets to make transactions smart and seamless. They decided to make merch for members of the team, and that was where Wii stepped in.


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